Simple Tips for Healthy Living This Summer

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Simple Tips for Healthy Living This Summer

As we celebrate the arrival of summer summer, we love hosting cookouts, catching a baseball game, and indulging in sweet summer treats. It can be difficult to stick to our healthy habits during this fun season! Not to worry, because we put together some simple tips for staying healthy in summer:

Indoor Workouts: As temperatures climb higher and higher, indoor workouts can be more practical. Luckily, Abberly Place offers not one, but two fitness centers with all the advanced cardio and free weights you need for your perfect workout. How convenient is that?

Outdoor Workouts:  Outdoor fitness is still enjoyable in the summer! Try scheduling your outdoor activities outside of 10 am to 5 pm, when temperatures are at their highest. You’ll find cooler temperatures during the early morning and closer to sunset. Following your workout, you can cool off in of our two refreshing pools!

Protect Your Skin: If you’re heading outside, grab a hat to keep your head cool and the sun off your face. Make sure to lather up with sunscreen! Using a sunscreen that’s at least SPF 45 and reapplying every two hours will keep your skin from burning.

We believe it’s how you live that matters and wellness is extremely important to us and our residents at Abberly Place. Are you ready to stick to your healthy habits with our helpful tips? If you have your own wellness tips to share, head over to our Facebook page!

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